Information of beaches within a 10 minutes drive of the Vento Luce.

Nakama Natural beach

Within the walking distance

This beach is 8 minutes walk away from the cottage. There are stairs that go down to the beach diagonally across from the the entrance of Kibogaoka


There’s no lifeguard or swimming zone. Please be careful when you swim there.

The water is clear right on the day with good weather. It is nice place for morning walk, and I recommend watch sunset from this beach.


Kariyushi beach

This beach is located 5 minutes drive away from the cottage. There are lifegurd during summer season, and you can enjoy marine activity there.


Nago citizen beach

Nago citizen beach located in front of Restaurant Colombin. It takes about 8 minutes from the cottage by car. Many local people visit this beach in the summer season.



Koki beach

Koki beach is about 7 minutes drive away from the cottage.
You can take a shower from end of April until Sep 30th.