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Pension Vento Luce

Vento Luce offers you a special relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Vento means wind, Luce means light in Italian. We hope that our guest spend relaxing time while feeling wind and light. Vento Luce is situated in Onna Village, which is well known for its large resort and famous tourist spot. Only one group stay a night at Vento Luce.

Check in time: 15:00~18:00
Check out time: until 11:00


Living Dining room is spacious. You are able to give your child enough attention easily.


This large dining table in living room is convenience for both adults and child. It’s just right for home party!


It’s easy to imagine your child will get too excited with this open atmosphere.


Your child is able to enjoy themselves in our special Kids space. There are many things that all kids love, such as White board which is 180 centimeter, mini kitchen, and toys.

Stay Pension Onna Okinawa

Have fun cooking in the clean and specious kitchen. Variety of utensils and cookwares are provided. You can see a kids space on 1st floor from here.


facility the First floor

Air conditioner 1 AC unit in dining room
Kitchen is equipped with everything you need to cook.
Bathroom 1 rest room
Shower room A bathroom with only a shower
Kids space White board, Mini kitchen, Toys, Books


Second floor>>

Open Plan of Vento Luce

Open Plan of Vento Luceth=