Second floor

We provide opportunity for guests to rent a whole house. House can be reserved by one group a night, so that guests cam enjoy their private time. Vento Luce is two story building that designed based on the relaxation concept.


The space in front of stairs in second floor is “Secret Base in Forest”. Small tent with lots of balls, cute animals that children can ride on. This space is for child to pretend to be staying their own hideaway. Tent can also be enjoyed by adults as well.


Tatami space is a Child Atelier space. Please enjoy Picture drawing and coloring, Origami(Old style folding paper), reading books, etc.. These are good to improve child’s imagination. This space can also use as bed space, please put the table away and lay out the futons.


There are two of Hotel style three-quarter beds.

Protective Nets
It is safety measure to protect kids.
Please inform us in advance if you need it.

Equipment on the second floor

Air conditioner 2 AC units
Bed 2 of three-quarter beds
Bedding Futon mattress will be provided for 3 or more guests
Bathroom No rest room on second floor
Secret Base in Forest  Small tent with balls, Animals that children can ride on
Kids Atelier Space  Picture drawing, coloring, Origami(Old style folding paper), books, etc.

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Open Plan of Vento Luce

Open Plan of Vento Luceth=